Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Michelle Strause promotes peaceful divorce practices. Choose mediation and benefit in a variety of ways.

Mediation is faster than litigation. Courts are frequently overloaded with cases and push hearing dates. It can take months or even years before a case is heard at a final hearing. Mediation is designed to reach a fair agreement in a timely manner.

It is less expensive. Litigation is costly.  Attorney fees, court fees, expert fees, deposition expenses, days off work, and so much more are all monetary factors faced in litigation.  You avoid most of those costs by utilizing a divorce mediator. 

It can be less stressful for children. Divorce will always be harsh on the children, especially if they are required to attend trial to testify. Divorce mediation does not require the children to be in attendance and encourages the parents to reach resolution at a faster pace so you can focus on healing and moving forward.

It can ease intense emotions. Mediation does nothing to prolong the separation process. It is also a less formal process than a trial, which can help put things at ease. Parties do not have to face each other during mediation if emotions are too high or either party is uncomfortable.

It puts the trial process on hold. The trial, if there is one scheduled, gets put on hold while the parties go through the mediation process and the trial only resumes if the negotiations are not fully successful.

It ends in an enforceable agreement. The successful outcome of mediation is not the same as an arbitration decision or a court judgement. It is an enforceable agreement between two parties.  You get to reach an amicable agreement instead of letting a judge have a final say on your life.

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